Week Two – January 18th

Eagle Robotics Newsletter

Hello everyone! We hope you enjoyed reading our first installment of the newsletter last week. This week, Team 1388 is wrapping up the second week of build season. 

Our team has been hard at work, here are some updates on our progress as we head into the third week of build season. 

The design subteam has been working on the designs for the climber, shooter, magazine. They have also sent the design for the control panel frame to fabrication, and the drivetrain plates have been sent to Top Precision to be manufactured.

Programming has reviewed the code for drive trains, and welding has been practicing welds and working on the frame for the robot. Fabrication has been working on the frame of the robot, as well as prototyping and testing the shooter.  The electrical subteam has been working on hooking up the motor for the shooter prototype.

The strategy subteam has begun setting up the practice field and getting robots ready to practice driving. They have also finished recon forms and spreadsheets, and are collecting sign-ups for driver team tryouts.

Thank you for supporting Eagle Robotics, and stay tuned for more updates on the team! For more information, visit our website at eaglerobotics.com, and follow us on Instagram @eaglerobotics.

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