Potential Team Member,

We can’t wait to get back to robotics this fall! Many of you expressed interest in the “Welcome to the Next” on August 12th.

Our Kickoff meeting is Thursday, September 16, at 7pm in the Georgie O’Connor Board Room at 602-E Orchard Street, between the 900 Wing and District Offices.

This is a required meeting for all new students. Because robotics is a demanding program and needs the support of parents to be successful, we expect both the student and a parent to attend the kickoff meeting.

If you are interested in joining the team and gaining some real-world experience in programming, design, fabrication and communications, we look forward to seeing you at the kickoff meeting!

If you want to complete the form below, we’ll add you to our notification list so you’ll get an email as more information becomes available:

    For a little more information on what we do see below,


    Begin with basic instruction in Java programming for robots.  Which will include motion control and game play instructions for robots.  There will also be work in programming instruction for autonomous use by a robot.

    See Team 1388 in action:

    Design and Fabrication:

    These two disciplines will deal mostly in computer aided design for this Fall.  You will be learning the close relationship between the designer and the builder and how they must coordinate with one another.  Basic instruction will be given in the use of the Solidworks, the industry standard program for design.  To see a sample of our work, check the link above.

    In this area we are in particular need of anyone interested in electrical design and fabrication.  Currently we have no one on the electrical team.  We have two particularly good mentors who just need some interested students to teach.


    This disciple focuses are game play, provides input on robot design for maximizing scoring potential, provides reconnaissance of other teams during competitions, and also coordinates the driver selection and training program.


    The public relations team can also use some help.  Members of this team will help promote the team in the community and at the schools in the district.  This team is also responsible for the most important part of the team, fundraising.  They also design logos for the new game each year and there is the opportunity to produce videos and web content for keeping our web site current.  This team will look at all ideas for advertising the team and fund raising.

    A sample of some of the PR teams work:

    Remember, if you are interested in joining the team and becoming part of something unique at AG High make sure to come to the kickoff meeting in mid-September.