Important Event

Feb 3

We have finished out intake and attached it to the robot. We also have gotten limit switches for the intake to make it easier to lower and raise. Alongside the intake, programming is also working on vision tracking to automatically line up our robot to the speaker when shooting.

Jan 31

Recently we have been working on project prioritization by determining what is the most important and what we can save to work on later so we have what we need to get the best results at competition.

Jan 27

Today we served crab for the rotary club first annual crab fest and where given all the tips as a donation for our contribution. We had ten team members come and serve food, give condiments, and help run the event.

Today, Jan 23rd, we tested the shooting mechanism for this years robot and it was a resounding success and the whole team is buzzing with excitement. Below is a video.

Here are our seniors who are graduating next year, the left photo is as freshmen and the right a current photo.

“ten out of ten would recommend” -Michael Harrison
“I wish I was in a room full of mirrors so I could be surrounded by winners” –Shivam Panchal 
“Robotics helped me overcome my fears and taught me how to communicate, project manage, public speak, and code. I became much more confident in myself and discovered a love for leading the team. I’ve become more like the person I want to be.” -Isabelle Bowdey 
“While being on this team I’ve learned how to speak in public and have experienced things I never thought I would and it is something I would never take back. shirt copy copy copy” –Natalie Matweeff

If you have any ideas for the robot name email us at 1388publicrelations@eaglerobotics

Strategy has been making major improvements on the game plan for the tournaments.

We have begun a program were team members go to Grover Heights to teach students about robotics using Vex IQ parts. It is a great program to help teach young students.

We have made major progress on the drivetrain. The wheels have been set up and part of the frame is welded.

1388 in action at Dorothea Lange Elementary

A rains storm caused damage and we had to clean up a lot of mud and water to get the room back in working order, but we are back on track and beginning the building process.

Want to send out a special thank you to our newest sponsor, The Gene Haas foundation came by to our Kick Off breakfast and presented us with a $2500 check.

Thank You!