Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

Last Thursday Blaze Pizza hosted a fundraiser for our team, donating a portion of the sales from that night to Eagle Robotics. The turn out was great, and we appreciate everyone who went to the fundraiser. Eagle Robotics would like to thank Blaze Pizza for hosting the event, and everyone who came out to support our team!


Week 3 Update

Hey everyone!

This week the Eagle Robotics team as been working hard to complete our robot. In the past week, the welding sub-team has been welding the frame and programming has been working on the pneumatic drive. The design sub-team has been determining the measurements for the electrical board, as well as working on the drive train, and electrical is ready to work on the board. Fabrication has been developing and testing a second design for the arm/claw on the robot, as well as building practice field elements. The PR/Marketing sub-team has been working on the t-shirt design, taking photos and writing blog posts to update the team’s social media accounts and website.┬áThank you so much for keeping up with the team, we hope you enjoy our updates!

Build Season Update – January 12th, 2019

Hey guys! Today the Eagle Robotics team is hard at work on our robot. The design sub-team finalized the design for the frame and worked on the drive train, while programming updated laptops and also worked on the drive train. Strategy calculated point values and made sign-up forms for the drive team. The fabrication sub-team built field elements and prototypes, while welding built a mock frame for practice. The PR/Marketing sub-team sketched t-shirt and banner designs, sent out thank you letters to our corporate sponsors, as well as updated the website and social media accounts. Thank you so much for keeping up with the team, we hope you enjoy our updates!

Blaze Pizza Fundraiser – January 24th 2019


Hey everybody! Blaze pizza has been generous enough to donate a portion of their proceeds towards our team for every pizza sold, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Join us on January 24th between 4PM and 9PM to support the team by dining at Blaze Pizza on Branch Street in Arroyo Grande. Make sure you show this flyer to the cashier before paying. Thank you!