Team History

2005 Zippy

Our team began in 2004 with approximately 15 students all with a common interest in science and engineering, and a thirst to learn more. In our rookie year, we attended the regional event held in Sacramento where we were awarded the “Rookie All Star Award”.

This award was our ticket to the national event in Atlanta, Georgia, the Championship Event. At this event, we worked our way to the top and won the title of “Curie Division Champions”. The first-year robotics team at Arroyo Grande High School named their robot “Zippy” because it was covered in zip-ties, unique folding claw to grab 2x ball, hook to hitch goals, ability to track lines on the ground.

From left to right: Row 1) Ted Sabatina, Jeff Lions, Bryan Brungs, Mike Hendricks, Derek Peterson, Nick Evangello, Matt DePhillips, Susanne Ek, Doug Hinchman, Shaun Wathen, Evan Thompson, and Greg Hinchman.
Row 2) Deven Tamashiro, Alice Grey, Martini Gains, Marvin Byrd, David Cruz, Joey Gannon, and Bill Findley.