2021 Build Week 2

Thank you Central Coast Lodge #237

Eagle Robotics would like to send out a special thank you to Central Coast Lodge #237 Free and Accepted Masons for allowing us to use there building in these very unusual times.  Since the team isn’t able to meet on campus the Lodge graciously donated the use of their facility for the team to work on this year’s challenges from FIRST.

Using their building gave the team a place where all the sub-teams could meet and work in one place.  This is enabling us to have a much smoother workflow and the best chance to create a competitive robot this year.
Introducing our 2021 Game Design Challenge Plan, “Temple of Fortune”. Our game design team has been working hard to create a jungle exploration themed robotics challenge. The main goals of the “Temple of Fortune” are to shoot the most balls and stack the highest cube tower. At the beginning of the game, robots start with balls that they can shoot into openings (this is displayed as the pink element in the picture above). Robots can pick up more balls and continue shooting to meet a goal. For the cube aspect of the game, robots can pick cubes up and must stack them in the corner of their side of the field. The higher the stack, the more points received. If a team completes one level of their stack, an “idol” appears on the field and robots can place this idol on top of their tower, doubling their score.  Finally, the end game features “minibots” that are released from the main robots and can climb a metal chain for climbing points.
Progress is being made on the shooter.  The Fab team has made a couple of adjustments /refinements and it feels like we’re close to being ready for one aspect of the at home game.

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